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Frequently Asked Questions

Need a some more information about the PTD Ninja take a look at our F.A.Q

What does the content look like?

There is a lot of content. PTD Ninja has one of the largest white label libraries for online personal trainers available. The content is a also available in two formats, Canva and as PT Distinction content. Without having the right systems in place, understanding the possibilities and combinations of using the content is quite tricky to see.

However you can check out our 'FREE ACCESS' area for a sneak peak of the PTD Ninja 101 course and some of the content. Or book in for a call with the team for a walkthrough by clicking here and we can show you around.

Do you offer a guarantee?

The PTD Ninja 101 course is all access from the moment you sign up, meaning you have access to all the training and content as soon as you login.

Its worth noting that your success is down to you putting in the work. We can provide you with all the training and resources in the world but if you are not willing to do what it takes to action these and put in the work to grow a business, you will not be successful.

Because of this we are unable to offer a free trial or offer any refunds or money-back guarantees.

However you can check out our 'FREE ACCESS' area for a sneak peak of the PTD Ninja 101 course. Or book in for a call with the team for a walkthrough by clicking here.

Can I speak to someone first?

Sure, please click here and you can book in for a call with the PTD Ninja team.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can choose to pay over 6 months, however paying in full will save you 10%.

Please note, this is an instalment plan, not a subscription. You will be asked to completed a terms of payment agreement and you must understand this can not be cancelled. You will be required to pay all six (6) payments of £220. The first payment must be taken today and the remaining payments will be taken each month for a total of 6 months.

Can I pay in dollars?

All payments are in UK pound sterling (£). You can pay in any currency you wish, but the payment will be take in UK(£) at the exchange rate at the time the payment is taken. Please note, exchange rates change all the time and should you decide to pay in instalments, the exchange rate used will be that of the time the payment is taken, not when the original purchase. Check with you bank for the current exchanges rates and for any transaction charges they may apply. PTD Ninja Ltd is not responsible to changes in exchange rates or charges and fees from your bank or card provider.

I'm really busy, how long does the course take?

The course is self-paced and with lifetime access, you can take as long as you need.

We give you everything so you could completed the course within a couple of days if you wanted too (they would be a long days though!). If you put an hour or two aside a day, within a couple of weeks you should be ready to launch.

Is it really lifetime access?

Yes. You'll have access to the course and any future updates.

Can I use the course towards CPD points?

It depends on the governing body, but most organisations will allow you to petition the course for continued professional development. Should you decided to complete the OPTC exam, once you have passed, you will receive information on how to submit your certificate for CPD points.

Do I need to use PT Distinction

It sure helps and we recommend it, but no. The course is split in areas, showing clearly what training is for PT Distinction and what is for starting and growing a succesful online fitness business. We also have all the white label content available in Canva templates to be used outside of PT Distinction.

I don't have a PT Distinction Account?

Thats Ok. The course is split in areas, showing clearly what training is for PT Distinction and what is for starting and growing a succesful online fitness business. We also have all the white label content available in Canva templates to be used outside of PT Distinction.

When you first access the course there is the option to join PT Distinction for a 30 day free trial.

The Course Curriculum

You may wish to see a breakdown of the course curriculum. With provided an overview of this below.

Getting Started

What Is The PTD Ninja 101 System?

Book Your Orientation Call.

Using The White Label Content.

Need Help Setting Everything up?

The Basics Of PT Distinction

Setting Up The Basics In PT Distinction.

Setting Up Your Messaging Centre.

Do I Need A Website?

Using Your Own Website.

Add In Your First Client

Watch The PTD Masterclasses

Let's Talk Business

Why Complete This Module?

Your Life Goals.

Business Fundamentals.

Fundamental: The Business Owner.

Fundamental: Your Goals & Planning.

Fundamental: Your Business Finances.

Fundamental: The Operational Systems.

Fundamental: Your Team

Fundamental: The Brand

Fundamental: Sales & Marketing Plans.

Fundamental: Client Experience.

Understanding your clients

Avatars and niches, are they important?

Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar

Getting Social

Letting People Know Who You Are.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page & Group

Should I Use All Social Media Platforms?

Create Awareness Online.

Organic Marketing 101.

Managing Your Leads 101.

Maximise Your Engagement.

How To Price Your Services

What To Charge For Your Online Services.How To Price Worksheet & Calculator.

Building Your Services

Designing Your Client Journey.

Making The Blueprint Your Own.

Creating Your Offer.

Taking Payments Online

Different Payment Methods

Taking Payments Over The Phone.

Taking Payments Using Payment Processors

Taking Payment Using PayPal.

Taking Payment Using Stripe.

Groups & Packages In PT Distinction

Adding Groups To PT Distinction.

Using PayPal with PT Distinction.

Creating Packages In PT Distinction.

Editing Content In PT Distinction

How To Edit and Add In Content.

Set Up PT Distinction Features.

Creating Video Content.

Creating Your Flagship Program

Setting Up Your Flagship Program.

Swipe File - Welcome Pack/Group.

Swipe File - Results Tracking Pack/Group.

Swipe File - Coaching Content Pack/Group.

Swipe File - Workout Support Pack/Group.

Swipe File - Automated Workouts Pack/Group.

Swipe File - Online Check Ins Pack/Group.

Delivering Content Outside Of PT Distinction.

Testing Your Packages In PT Distinction

Using A Test Client

Gathering Feedback

Getting Your First Online Clients 

Simple Ways To Get More Clients.

Making The Most Of What You Have.

Jumping In The Deepend.

Creating Your Challenge

Setting Up Your Challenge.

Swipe File - Challenge Welcome Pack/Group.

Swipe File - Challenge Content Pack/Group.

Creating Your Lead Magnet

What Is A Lead Magnet.

Setting Up Your Lead Magnet.

Using A Lead Magnet In PT Distinction.

Building Your Website & Sales Pages

Website or a Sales Page?

How To Build Your Sales Page.

Add PT Distinction Packages To Your Website.

Adapting Your Programs 

How To Adapt Your Online Program To Suit You Business & Clients.

Adding More Content To PT Distinction.

How To Brand Your PT Distinction App.

Transfer Your In-Person Skills Online

The Difference Between In-Person & Online Personal Training.

Keeping The Right Pace.

Onboarding Clients.

Tracking Client Progress.

Delivering Online Coaching.

Safe & Effective Workouts Online.

Client & Trainer Communication.

Running A Coaching Call.

Creating An Online Check-In.

Keeping An Eye On Adherence.

Using Your New Systems In PT Distinction

What Happens When A Client Signs Up?

Keeping Track Of Clients.

Customised Workout Groups.

How To Automate Coaching Calls.

Creating A Habit Coaching System.

Creating A Membership.

Communication Using PT Distinction.

Making Client Adjustments - Workouts.

Making Client Adjustments - Content.

Making Client Adjustments - Habits.

Using Leaderboards In PT Distinction.

How and When To Run Cohorts.

How To Sell Your Services

Making Offers.

Making Sales.

Asking For Referrals.

Asking For Testimonials.

Final Steps

Creating Accountability In Your Own Business.

Before Your Exam.

Certification Exam

Submit Your Workbook.

Take The Exam.

Bonus - Facebook Abs For Beginners

Paid Marketing Using Facebook.

Setting Up Ads Manager.

Your Audience.

The Headline.

The Copy.

Images & Videos

Setting Up Google.

Publishing The Ads

Connecting Email.

Managing Your Ads,

Taking Your Ads To The Next Level.

Bonus - Facebook Abs For Intermediates

Introduction To Zapier

Connecting Your Email Account.

Connecting Your Lead Tracker.

Sending An Automated SMS.

Getting SMS Notifications

Bonus - Advanced Automations With PT Distinction

What Is 3rd Party Software?

Why Should I Use This?

Making The Most Of Zapier.

Using PT Distinction As A CRM.

The PTD Ninja Academy©

What Is The Academy?

Set Your Weekly Goals

Join The Support Group

Join The Group 'Hybrid' Session

Request A 1-2-1 Support Call

Send A Ticket

White Label Library (overview)

Welcome to your White Label library!

How To Use The White Label Library

On-boarding Content

General On boarding - No 'Consultation' Call

General On boarding - 'Consultation' Call

On boarding Hybrid Clients

Challenge Variations

Challenge Nutrition Guides Variations:

Standard 101 version


Intermittent Fasting

Plant based

Flagship Variations

Standard 101 Flagship Content

Intermittent Fasting Flagship Content

Keto Flagship Content

Plant Based Flagship Content

Habit Coaching

Creating a customisable habit system

Plug'n'Play Nutritional Habit Coaching Program

Individual Habit Coaching Content Files

Habit Coaching 'Videos' for Coaching Items or Marketing

Recipe Books

How to edit your Recipe Books

Download Your Recipe Books

Workout Templates

How To Access The White Label Workout Templates

Coaching Resources

Useful Client Swipe File

Plug 'n' Play Calorie Calculator for your app

Sales Resources

Upsell Email for Coaching Calls

Upsell Email Sequence From One Package to Another

Abandon Cart Email Sequence

Marketing Resources

Postive Quotes

Facebook Swipe Files

Client Features of PT Distinction

Disclaimer: while you are a member here at PTD Ninja, we will support, encourage & motivate you, to help you achieve your goals. But we need to make you aware that results will vary depending on a number of factors that we can't always control.

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